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Chugging Along

Getting back into the swing of things.These last few weeks have been pretty horrendous for fencing and running.

Many things conspired to limit fencing, plans and cancellations, but finally got to fence last night. I fenced a bit and practiced some too. After being up the mountain yesterday, and getting up to do 1.5 miles in the morning I certainly wasn't at top performance, however it was definitely good to fence. I certainly need to improve, as we have a person that can soundly beat me. It is quite amazing how much of a motivator that is, in fact it will be an excellent learning opportunity.

I really need to work on my point control, and in that direction I have made a ball with a string through it. Really simple, but attaching a clamp to the beam and then dangling the ball from it should help my point control become better. Or rather I will improve my point control. Another thing is reactions, I need to definitely put in place stock actions as well as leave the door open for fle…

Snow Chains in Hawaii

Yes, you read the title correctly, we were required to use chains today. Of course there being snow made the poor rangers freak out. Some of it may have required chains, but especially after plowing the chains are just being ruined and ruining the tires. Having grown up in Wyoming I know that chains are useful, but seriously 3 inches of mostly fresh snow? It is when it starts getting packed and icy that chains really help.

But having fun replacing disks. Putting 2 160 GB SSDs in plus 2 2TB HDDs in eight different computers. Being at nearly 14,000 feet up here on Mauna Kea really can do damage to disks, the head needs an air cushion and it doesn't get it. Head slams into disk, disk is kaput. That is why SSDs are so much better, once you get beyond their sudden infant death syndrome, but those are pretty rare.

Anyway, back to work.

Rats in Paradise

Or: Raining for Weeks Straight Induce Rats to Take Shelter in Houses and Cause the People Inside Much Trouble.

Hawaii did not always have rats. Hawaii did not always have anything that is here, but rats are certainly more recent than many things we think of as Hawaiian. They came via ships just as mosquitoes did, but they climbed down ropes, or even swam from ships. Hard to keep track of, mosquitoes were just dumped into fresh water as larva as someone refilled their water barrels, which could have been prevented. The rats would have made it here one way or another. Of course they started wiping out endemic bird populations, so some smart person brought in mongeese to hunt and eat them, not realizing that mongeese are diurnal and rats are nocturnal. And the mongeese eat birds and bird-eggs too.

But the reason I am relating this is because we had the opportunity to meet one of these interlopers this weekend. I would love to say that I didn't have to kill it, but then I would be as …