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Long, long time, no write

If there are any of you out there that I scared away because of not writing, well then I must have an audience of some type or another. But I highly doubt that there are many people that constantly read my ramblings especially since the total deprivation for 2 months would have been catastrophic to any relying on my tantalizing story.

Just took a test that I am sure I didn't ace but certainly did well on, have to see though, could be interesting. If the weather gets any nicer than it will be considered summer here considering that 60 degrees F above the coldest temperature without windchill puts us at 40 degrees. At least we didn't get the New York snow, we still have snow melting from December and another skiff that just makes it brighter outside.

Lots of birds out there, Chickadees, Robins, Pine siskins, haven't heard any ruby-crowned kinglets yet but it feels like April already, well at least April before the drought. Saw a piece of crow wing with a bone slightly connecte…