Thursday, July 13, 2006

Have you had a day...

Have you had a day where nothing comes to you? I wasted an entire day, but I will work extra hard tomorrow. Or maybe enough to get done what needs to be with maybe some time to do other things.
I am trying to pull multiple things together from anywhere, a couple days ago to next January through December. Hmm... Fun!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Quite a good sight in the fridge:

Eggs if you couldn't see clearly. This is my fridge though not my eggs. These are about five months old, possibly.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Some pictures and comparisons

Here are a few pictures, the first from Japan and the rest from Wyoming.

This is a view from one of the temples we visited in Kyoto. A little bit hazy.

Mountains in Wyoming, the Snowies in June. Can see very far with only a little haze, it should be clearer except that our wonderful neighbor states are smogging up the air, but the wind carries it away quickly.

A Bitterroot flower about the size of a thumb nail. Larger subspecies of this plant was an important food source for a few American Indian Tribes. This would be a very small root indeed.

Snow still in the trees off of the park (a large treeless area) in June. Sally, my parents' new golden retreiver loves to play in the snow.

Marsh marigolds.

Natural sculpture in the Medicin Bow Forest.

Tenegui (sp?) the bottom one from a long training weekend here in Laramie. The top one from Takarazuka Kendo-jo.

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