Monday, August 27, 2007

Ahhh! Run Away! It's School Again.

Okay, be calm and take a deep breath. If I finish then I will be done as it follows logically. I think that my job won't conflict. Hmm... what if I take one more class? It could destroy everything. Well, maybe not but it is close enough.

It is a great day to go back to school: Cool, cloudy and with intermittent rain. Perfecto. It looks as though the semester should go smoothly if I don't just sit here and waste all of my time describing my travails to my faithful readers. Maybe I could go into commentary about national politics and how I am glad that Gonzales is leaving his position at just the right time not to allow a recess appointment, whew. Although my political views may lean left at the moment I tend to just not like the people that somehow made it into office against everybody's better judgement. So I will stop complaining about that and complain about something else.

The school, UWyo, has some new construction projects that they started just in time to be extremely well placed to be in the way of most of campus. The projects have take over nearly an entire parking-lot's worth of spaces of around 100 to 150 spaces and made travel extremely hard unless you travel on the north or south edges of campus. One of the projects used to be the old honors house where I lived for two years and they tore down weeks ago. The other project is right in front of the union where the heaviest foot traffic usually occurs on a normal school day. The old Anthro building is being torn down for a new wing to the library. That's all and good except the part where thousands of students have to circum-navigate the huge site. Okay, need to go eat lunch and get more things done. Wish me luck with the Fencing Council at 3 o'clock, it should be politics as normal, which should never be in fencing period, never.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Um, so Summer?

It is nearly gone and what I did this summer was fun, and made money but I really needed to make more and have more fun. An interesting problem no doubt but now in the past.

I am finally moving into my own room. As Paul says I might suffer a bit from agoraphobia, not really. Actually I am currently suffering from how-much-junk-do-I-have-and-where-do-I-put-it-all-phobia. In other words, boxes that have been packed for the past few months are disgorging objects that I know I have but now need a place to store, in a box?

The nice thing about the apartment I am living in is it being on the third story. The third floor is the top floor, that means no people with drunken parties over our heads at 2 in the morning. Also another good thing is that my roommates are all reasonable people or if one isn't the other two can help convince them otherwise, hopefully. We also have a huge south-facing window! That means plants can thrive, and grow, and be green, and well grow green. We have four plants from the Honors House that was torn down this summer. A seven foot tall ficus, a huge monstera, a dumbcane of some sort and a huge rubber plant. I also have my jade plant, spider plant and a rhododendron of some type, if I spelled it correctly. One of my roommates has at least 5 other plants in the apartment currently and could bring more. Hmm... Jungles come to mind after listing all of those plants.

I also read recently about the numerous types of possible bonsai and ficus family had a few that could be grown into bonsai. So looking at our tree carefully I might mark some possible branches for pruning and then stick them in dirt and make them grow to be one small cool tree.

Of course there is school. I think I mentioned what went down, but that along with my complaints about all of UW's construction plans and how they are going about it will come later.

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