Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update, These Days...

Doing quite a bit better these days so far as motivation goes. Although really need to be more disciplined for exercise, but I really dislike running in the rain. I guess I could get another set of shoes so that I can let them dry, but I also need to remember to take out the insoles and flatten them so that I don't get blisters from slightly curled insoles.

Fencing is probably completely off for this week. First Mauna Loa School is doing something so we can't fence there, and Thursday I am going up the mountain and may be up there until 21:00 which would be at least an hour after the longest winded fencers are still there. Oh well. Also in fencing news I won't be going to any interesting tournaments when I go to the ESC Conference in March for work. And I looked at May when Jessie and I will be attending her sister's graduation, nothing, but maybe we are just too far out. There are tournaments happening, but they are all qualifiers for nationals and since I am not from their area, I cannot be a part.

The ESC Conference is in the last part of March, San Jose, CA. I will mostly be learning about and summarizing technologies I see for work, but I will also be looking and just seeing what I can see. It will certainly be interesting. I suppose that I will be pretty busy but this is going to feel quite weird going to a conference like this. I have really only heard of and read about industry conferences... I did attend a week long course in a conference like thing in Boston 2 summers ago, but that was not just a huge conglomeration of companies and industry leaders. It was experts teaching about what they knew, quite a bit different.

Ah, just looked up fencing in San Jose... The hotel I am staying at is about a block from The Fencing Center, so could have pretty interesting evenings, or at least on Monday and Wednesday. It seems that I will need to bring gear... I should double-check my connections. Gear is definitely unwieldy to travel with, although it would be checked and have plenty of room for my other clothing.

It will definitely be an interesting month.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Feeling a bit better

Fencing was certainly better last night, though I still managed to over do it. I was able to fence 4 or 5 people and did quite well against them. I am working on recognizing patterns and reactions.

I noticed it specifically with one fencer. After a few direct attacks that ended with a huge parry riposte against me, I figured out the a feint disengage worked. He is a lefty and I am a righty, so I went for his quarte, inside and drew the parry and then disengaged nearly a full circle to get him on the chest. I was down 3-1 or 3-0, but managed to win the bout with 5-4.

Also mobility and endurance really helped, although I was at the end of my endurance nearly. Need to work further on that. Speaking of, now to go walking.

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