Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I've gone from almost no plans to plans coming out my ears. First I'm going to Japan for eighteen days, then an internship, then back to UW to start and finish a grant and hopefully I will go to Germany for a year of study abroad and another internship. Need to brush up on my Deutsch so that people can at least understand me and then hopefully I will be much more fluent when I start the internship. I know I can visit Kendo dojo in Japan, I already found one that sounds interesting. But Germany might be a different situation, let me go look... Yep, lots. In fact for being only a little larger than Wyoming there are 49 that I could count from a site in Germany. That's 47 more than are in Wyoming. I should be able to find a few within traveling distance, that's good.

I hope that I survive all of this that I have planned for myself, it should all be fun but there are a couple things not going my way for the Japan trip but I will only mention it if it does become a problem.

"Constant training is the only Way to learn strategy." Number two of nine basic attitudes for a warrior from Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi as translated by Stephen F. Kaufman. The Way is refering to a way of life Do in Japanese or Tao, Dao in Chinese.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Second

Time seems to slip by, but everything moves so slowly at the same time. Waiting for someone takes forever when it is only five minutes and yet walking the fifteen minutes to and from class I barely have time to think and find myself going up the stairs of the engineering building. Engineering classes can extend so long as to seem infinite. This happens especially when I start falling asleep after getting up too early to practice Kendo. A second in dream land and then I am back listening to the professor and attempting to take notes that might make sense when I am hurriedly looking for equations to write down for tests. If anyone knows an easy way to memorize relationships of equations dealing with Fourier Transforms or Electronics please tell me.

I am in favor of digital. Designing digital systems is so fun compared to analog. Oh those wonderful logic gates that give so many people troubles are not so fun as to love them but they are spectacularly easier than analysis of analog circuits. But in general it is hard for me to keep interest in school in general. After getting a taste of the real world by interning last summer those evenings without homework and me left to my own devices that I somehow managed to waste seem like a sweet alternative. With Kendo that I started last fall, Ping-pong and many of my other interests I do not plan to waste my evenings in following summers or when I graduate, only a few.

I really do have too much to do but I think I will have enough time tomorrow morning if I don't practice Kendo and just go to the class in the evening.

"Think constantly within yourself in your dealings with all men." Number one of nine basic attitudes for a warrior from Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi as translated by Stephen F. Kaufman. I might add that in my mind men refers to people in general since I live in a different society than Musashi.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Join the Millions

Well if I join the millions of blogs out there it's because of a great need. Yes, a need that is even bigger than needing to express myself, namely homework or as I am doing now avoiding it. This is not an assignment by anybody but it seems to me to be a good waste of time and so maybe I will continue with more posts after this.

My motivation for homework should be a lot more but is the end of spring break here in Laramie and that means the continuation of calsses which means the homework that I didn't do is due, soon. I am even now getting tired of this subject and wish that anything would spring to mind other than the impending doom of homework.

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