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Ahhh! Run Away! It's School Again.

Okay, be calm and take a deep breath. If I finish then I will be done as it follows logically. I think that my job won't conflict. Hmm... what if I take one more class? It could destroy everything. Well, maybe not but it is close enough.

It is a great day to go back to school: Cool, cloudy and with intermittent rain. Perfecto. It looks as though the semester should go smoothly if I don't just sit here and waste all of my time describing my travails to my faithful readers. Maybe I could go into commentary about national politics and how I am glad that Gonzales is leaving his position at just the right time not to allow a recess appointment, whew. Although my political views may lean left at the moment I tend to just not like the people that somehow made it into office against everybody's better judgement. So I will stop complaining about that and complain about something else.

The school, UWyo, has some new construction projects that they started just in time to be extremely …

Um, so Summer?

It is nearly gone and what I did this summer was fun, and made money but I really needed to make more and have more fun. An interesting problem no doubt but now in the past.

I am finally moving into my own room. As Paul says I might suffer a bit from agoraphobia, not really. Actually I am currently suffering from how-much-junk-do-I-have-and-where-do-I-put-it-all-phobia. In other words, boxes that have been packed for the past few months are disgorging objects that I know I have but now need a place to store, in a box?

The nice thing about the apartment I am living in is it being on the third story. The third floor is the top floor, that means no people with drunken parties over our heads at 2 in the morning. Also another good thing is that my roommates are all reasonable people or if one isn't the other two can help convince them otherwise, hopefully. We also have a huge south-facing window! That means plants can thrive, and grow, and be green, and well grow green. We have four plan…