So I do have a blog...

Well it has certainly been a while. So long in fact that many things have changed, specifically I am living and working on the Big Island, Hawaii. Talk about a change. If I were to move to any place that was much more different from Wyoming it would have to have a foreign language. Oh yeah, I guess the locals have a pidgin dialect that is actually considered a creole which is one level below being a recognized language.

Anyway, I should really start writing again, although I write in several other places about many different things, hmmm... Well then I don't know. I will write sporadically, how about that? Maybe a bit more frequency than once every 10 months.


Kyle J Mitchell said…
Damn, I was waiting for you to make it a year without posting. I don't have much room to talk, I haven't finished a post to publish since January. Here's a deal, I'll do at least one a week if you do, too; sound good? Can't wait to hear from you, dude.


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