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Hate to Love? Or Ignorance to Interest?

I have to say I am not a very steady person, or rather I tend to hold bad or weird views and then have to change them. Like playing monopoly with my brother. To start a game without the expectation of having a chance to win is madness, that or you're throwing the game right off the bat. But soon, despite my belief that I could possibly win, he gets more and more properties and I have less and less as I try to cut losses. So if I were the steadfast type I would play the next 30 minutes to an hour and let him win completely and utterly, and be crushed in my monopoly belief. So I quit and go do something more useful with my time.

I am definitely more steady, or steadfast, in some of my views, Christianity, environment, and so on. Those have changed on occasion, but take much more time and thinking, much more than realizing I am losing at monopoly. But with this post I specifically want to sort out my feelings about data.

You, the few, ask: Data? What is he on about?

I used to say: An…