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AI Good?  - 10/22/2013 - Short story about future Luddites.

Fun Physics and Fiction - 10/16/2014 - Introduction to some ideas for FTL travel.

Sub-space Equations Velocities and Depth - 10/24/2014 - First equations for subspace FTL travel.

Sub-space Equations: Drift and Pointing - 10/27/2014 - About depth drifting and limiting factors due to pointing.

Buyer's Remorse - 8/3/2015 - A large purchase can cause quite a bit of remorse, but it will also cause quite a bit of change.

Boredom - 8/4/2015 - A new technology is developed and sold.

Glamour Tug - 8/24/2015 - A tug pilot is finally recognized.

Allergy - 12/13/2015 - An undercover reporter develops an aversion to his work.

Running is Not Allowed - 12/17/2015 - Barreling through a space habitat is worth it.

Course Correction - 12/19/2015 - Take advice from your ship's computer, really.

Caught Speeding - 10/17/2016 - When a failed superluminal project comes back...

Phyton Episodes - The early years before FTL is achieved.

Unintended Consequences - 11/18/2016 - A rogue architect reaps rewards un-thought.

Dreams With No Prophecy - 3/11/2017 - Talking to my brother in eight years.

Dust - Expedition - 3/27/2017 - Silver statues are more than they seem

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