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Survival of the somewhat fit

Well, I have survived 3 days of the first week and am on my fourth today with engineering senior design and German. It really isn't hard, no assignments so far and no labs this first week. I hope to test out of health because first, it is stupid, second, I know much of what is going to be taught, third, it is an 8 o'clock class, and fourth, it is crowded. I just have to place out of it with an exam next week that looks simple enough but of course I guess I could easily fail it or get a grade that will not be acceptable and I will have to take the course anyway. I could get out of the activity, rock climbing, because I am in a club sport, ping-pong, but I want to do some rock climbing so I will continue to do it anyway.

Speaking of physical activities I did about six hours of them last night. First was Fencing at 5, then kendo at seven, and then ping-pong at nine. I should have been up at 6 this morning to go run stairs but I felt pretty tired so I just rolled over and went back…


Class for me starts in just under half-an-hour as I write this and it seems that the summer went by too quickly. If I just had one more week... I would probably squader it. The nice thing about last week was that all the people I know, that haven't graduated, were coming back and so I could see them an d talk to them. Listening to harrowing study abroads to Israel or quieter ones in France and other places. And also getting to say good-bye to those going overseas this year. Now if I can just be one of their number.

Tried doing pull-ups today, got to twelve and gave up, only for today. I haven't done pull-ups in such a long time that it was hard to start again, but if I am to do rock climbing and not be hauled up by my harness then I will continue to improve on twelve.

I should probably start moseying over to my first class, oh and thanks to the hundredth person, I don't think it was me because my counter said 101.


School starts in such a short time that I am having trouble reconciling the summer and all that I did or didn't do. I am going to take a few electrical engineering courses and a German course as a refresher, I hope I survive that. Just got my textbooks in, yey! Means I can start studying German and Probalistic and Stochastic patterns or something like that.

Almost one hundred, I probably added one more by using this computer. If you see #100 on my counter I invite you to comment. I would just like to know who else is out there other than Thomas. Sorry Thomas, no offense meant.

Almost a hundred different computers...

Almost a hundred different computers have visited me according to my counter. That doesn't mean a hundred people, I might be responsible for five or six of those computers. I hope I didn't scare off any of those people regularly reading my nonexistent blog because I didn't write for a while.

What can you do, though? I am just about to move to a new house which should be interesting considering it's a basement but near the theater and a park, pretty good huh? Maybe I'll start running in the mornings again because of closeness of grass. Concrete and asphalt are horrible surfaces to run on, but grass is much more forgiving even if it is uneven. Although, thinking about it, maybe I shouldn't run. I think I have done something to my foot during kendo. Rather than having problems with my right foot from fumi-kumi-ashi, stomping on an attack, my left foot has a pain between the third and fourth meta-tarsals where there is a nerve that dives between those bones accordin…