Sunday, October 08, 2006

Interesting Things and Bad Things

Interesting thing: my roommate has a blog. I didn't know, the info came from a third source. That's how much I talk to my roommate though. Really haven't seen him in a while because I have been gone from our basement apartment except to sleep, eat, or get some stuff for the next activity. I think it's cool, but as long as we keep the comments positive about each other. Going to set up a link on the side, go visit his blog.

Bad things: Sick and two tests coming up this week. Self explanatory.

Interesting thing: Some friends and I actually made tea with ginger root boiled with it. Then they put cocoa powder, crushed red chilis, cinnamon and a couple other spices in. Right now I really don't feel sick, and am a bit beyond wired, for a few more minutes. Here's the recipe:

8 cups water
1/3 cup coarsley chopped fresh ginger root.
4-5 bags of black tea
1/4 cup cocoa powder
3 dashes of ground cloves
4 dashes cinnamon
5 dashes cayanne pepper or else crushed red pepper in a coffee filter, you really don't want to drink it.

Boil the water with the ginger in it. At the top of the boil put the teabags in and turn the heat to a simmer and let the bags in until the tea is a satisfactory strength. Take out the tea bags and the ginger. Put the pepper in if it needs a coffee filter, wait for two minutes and remove. Add the other spices and the cocoa last. Stir well. Drink carefully, it will burn even if it is luke warm. Drink until tongue goes numb along with the back of the throat. There really isn't any need to add sugar to this, it has enough flavor on its own and you will be able to chew fresh ginger root directly after consuming this sort of beverage as demonstrated by my friends.

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Gustavus said...

wait untill your at least 25 preferably 30 before you start worrying about girls/relationships in a serious fassion. Anything before that is doomed to be based on things other than what could ammount to a life long relationship and would just be a matter of trying to get into a relationship for a relationships sake. I have spoken, you may do with it as you will.

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