Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wellington and Django

There are few things I like more than learning, though Jessie did make a splendid Beef Wellington this evening. Learning has much longer lasting effects than just a perfectly executed dinner that came from me joking that I wanted it for dinner. Okay, dinner was awesome, now to more serious matters.

Seeing as the Django project has been out for the last 10 years, it isn’t really anything new to those who have been developing websites with Python by any stretch of the imagination. For seven of those I have been working on telescopes, not websites, so I only knew of it tangentially when I started to explore Python.

After finishing my previous projects at work, after a big project that took a bit longer than expected, I was given an administration project, using an Admin interface that had been an R&D project for two of our interns over the summer. They are both still around, working part time, so it wouldn’t be nice just to tear up what they had been doing all this time, especially since they are still working on it.

I talked to a few people familiar with Django and through some experiments and more conversations came to the conclusion that adding the module as an app to the Flask project was probably the best idea at the moment. Though typing that it seems to be quite a silly thing to do. However, it is my intention to make the Django app as modular as it can be, so if we decide to rip all of our models out of the website and package them, we could in fact remove the admin app and make it a service, or a “micro-service” if you so prefer.

I just wanted to mention that we got a book for the office: Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.8. It is already a pretty good read and I am only a fifth of the way through the 480+ pages. The Greenfelds definitely deserve the ice cream that the cost of the book will buy.

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