Saturday, February 04, 2017

End of Week 5 2017

Already a month into 2017. A glorious future where everyone is happy, or: Everyone is quite happy to be unhappy if given the choice. I really don’t know what to say that won’t enrage you, I would really love to say that no one has anything to worry about from the new way things are, but that isn’t true. However, it is really hard to believe anything, even if my initial reaction is rage my immediate follow-up is skepticism.

That is the way democracy falls, or even republics if you want to avoid anything with the letters “dem” in it. The more we can be convinced to be unreasonably outraged or not care is a win. The first is easy to crackdown on, and the second just lets them do whatever they want. Try to take a second when something strikes you as outrageous. Let the sweet feeling of indignation die down and try to get some corroboration rather than just believing anything you see.

In less divisive ideas: I am nearly a month into two courses. It is quite a bit of work, but I am enjoying my Computer Vision course and I am quite happy with the team I have for Databases. For the vision course I wish I had known all of the information that I know now and what I am about to learn last year at about this time, it would have really helped in the robot competition.

The biggest problem with the classes is free time. If I take too much free time, such as writing this, I am seriously procrastinating. Or even worse is finding a game like Avorion. It is a really well done little game (scales a galaxy), even though it is still in early access. But I should really just quit playing any games until the break, otherwise they will break me. That is a tough thing to write. Maybe in the future I will write about the games I play, though I suppose it might be boring. Just a quick search shows that there are already many people who call themselves “The Boring Gamer.” Weird.

If I can manage these two classes and get through summer and two more in the fall, I can graduate! Then I will have sooo much free time it won’t be funny. Then I can:
  • Write more
  • Join more things like archery and orchestra
  • Play games
  • Hang out with my wife without making her feeling guilty about keeping me from homework
  • Bird watch more
  • Travel
  • Run out of time to do things.
Yeah, that sounds great.

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