Ah, the joys! It really does feel good to be organized, it's just my usual procrastination that hinders it. I organized a google calendar, remembering that I am going to get me teeth removed on Friday the 15th. And I have notes as to when homework is due in all the classes so hopefully...

Now just to organize my room so that all the boxes are somewhere out of the way. I admit I haven't been spending very much time at the apartment even though I just paid 300 dollars for it today. But there is only me and my roommate and a computer that isn't connected to the net yet, or maybe ever. I have been spending my time at the honors house on campus and brushing up on my lack of social skills by talking to and listening to people. The summer wasn't all that great for speaking to people because I had an internet connection in my room, that might be a bad idea. I'll think about it harder, it costs money too. Oh well for internet then.


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