Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weeks, passing quickly

The weeks are going so fast that I really can't keep track of them very well. Didn't school just start a week ago? No, it didn't and according to my count this next week is week five. WEEK FIVE? Where have the others gone? To answer that question would take one word: somewhere, specifically, somewhere in the past. So they stay there.

My jaw still hurts pretty badly but it might just be the muscles trying to reattach themselves to my lower jaw. That would be good, but it still hurts and so that is bad.

I went home Friday to get my holes checked out by the doctor to see if I had anything going wrong with them, nope. They are in good condition and might be mostly filled in in five weeks. Sort of like a broken arm, except there is really no way to learn to chew without your mouth. If you break your arm you can learn to eat with the other.

I am thinking rather than going to Germany in January that I will just finish my schooling and be done with it. There are two reasons: number one, Germany is 18,000 engineers short of filling all engineering jobs. And I really would like to finish school right now and be out in the real world of projects rather than homework. I might go for a year to Japan to teach English and learn Japanese then I might look at jobs back in the US or in Germany, or by that time I might be able to work in Japan in industry. If I come back to the US I would certainly like to start my own company and just start turning out as many good ideas as possible.

Ah the plans, the plans they are great. Hmm... now just to find out how I could do them all.

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