Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A drinking game, and feet

I am not advocating drunkeness in any way. In fact I find drunks pretty stupid and hope to never be one. This game is for those who don't want to get drunk.

The other night the people above me had a party with a little too much noise so I went up stairs to ask them to be quieter. Fortunately they are nice people, at least while drunk, and invited me in for a beer. I accepted and went inside. The upstairs is quite a bit bigger than my basement apartment and they had already moved to a room not directly over my bedroom. I accepted a beer and started sipping at it when one of the girls asked if I wanted a shot of rum (as far as I could tell) and one of the guys poured a shot glass all the way to the top and tried to hand it to me. I refused until I thought of a good idea.

"If you hold that glass still for a minute and don't spill anything, I'll drink it." The guy agreed and I started counting. by the time a minute was up he had spilled quite a bit of it and I took my first shot of hard liquor. Bleh! It had so much sugar and flavoring that I had to take a swallow of beer afterwards to get rid of the taste. They said it was supposed to taste like cotton candy and it did to an extent but I think I will be avoiding rum and other highly sugared, high alcohol content drinks and stick to beer and some wine in moderation. Needless to say I refused anymore shots and left soon after.

Speaking of wine, red wine goes well with pizza, probably because it will go with any red italian dish. Go for homemade pizza though because all the other stuff isn't half as good.

I think this is a subject I will bring up only from time to time rather than listing everything, because I wouldn't have that much to list anyway.

I haven't been doing much kendo because of my foot, the wierd thing is how fast it heals afterwards. I am doing execises to strengthen my foot because I believe that stronger muscles will keep the tarsals apart better meaning that the nerve won't be rubbed so much. So I just sit and watch and hopefully don't cringe too much when people do something wrong. That is a hard thing to do after observing for a while. I am doing fencing and ping-pong because when I am in shoes the foot doesn't hurt at all. That is why I believe it is foot strength, because when I wear shoes or go around barefoot not doing kendo then it does not hurt at all. Kendo seems to be the culprit and once I am confident enough about my foot then I will be working steadily on good basic footwork for a few months before returning to normal practice.

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