Sunday, May 07, 2006

Japan, Two Days to Go

All the paperwork's finished, I have my passport, starting to pack, reading the books for the class, am I forgeting anything? I don't think I am. I know how to pack for trips because my family traveled at least once or twice a year. The optimum amount of junk (clothing, toiletries, gifts) all depends on the person. I pack light, the lighter the better. I'm going to have to carry it so it might as well be managable. Here's a partial list of stuff I think I need:

-6 days of clothing, so it will be laundry twice while I'm there
-Gifts, a book, a placemat and a deck of cards
-Hakama and Gi, in case I can practice some kendo still trying to decide whether or not to take it.

-Books, notebook, pencil, pens, smaller more portable notebooks, class materials in otherwords
-Camera with extra batteries and a charger
-shoes, one pair has to be an inside pair only unless I want to be in my socks or barefeet all the time

I really can't think of much more to go with me. I think I will be prepared though so nothing should surprise me.

Remind me to write about the LAN perty we had last night.

I'll write about the last Musashi quote when I'm in Japan, got to go.


Gustavus said...

party :P not perty. yay i'm home... :| not so thrilled about that. I love sheridan but even given the usual state of my dorm room... this is intolerable... my room bothered me really bad but yeah i don't know if i can put up with this for 2 months... if i had a car that was capable of traveling i would leave in a heartbeat... as it is thats harder to do.

Gustavus said...

where be my japan post.

i'd call you but yeah... anyway drop me a line some time when you have the time.

Paul folowing you arround? :P

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