Friday, May 12, 2006

Rainy Day

I finished copying down the hirigana and katakana so I may be able to sound things out at least. It will not help me understand what I am saying, just a way to help facilitate meal ordering. Maybe by the end of the trip I will be able to recognize the kana on their own without the help of a notebook. The best classroom is the real world. I forget who said that.

Today is raining pretty hard from what I hear, I have not looked outside myself but it sounds like its raining pretty hard. Now do not jump all over my apostrophe grammar, I would have to hit too many keys to actually use it. Also today we are going to learn a little bit more about the way of tea and ikebana or flower arranging. I should hope that it will be a good day despite the rain.

Yesterday, after the welcome party we visited the music building and participated in a class that was taught in English and it was about music. It was very elementry for the music and not overly hard for the english and something that american schools would probably never fund.


Gustavus said...

Hey no fair... i had to break into the music building one day when exploring... i have pictures.. >:) ask me about it sometime.

Gustavus said...

i know you're ultra busy and having lots of fun but ... UPDATE i'm starving for facts here. You went to the same ikebana/teahouse place that we did. How was it? is one Sakiko Sensei there? She is awsome.

Gustavus said...


Gustavus said...

bloggage needed.

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