Saturday, October 11, 2014


So we really haven't been fencing much. I think I will have to read my own posts on fencing before getting back into it. We have a really odd schedule right now that is coming to an end come the end of this month. In the meantime we have picked up archery.

Isn't that just another expensive sport? Well, sort of.

We started getting interested as I usually get interested in sports. One of our friends was trying it out and I went to the indoor range to find out what the atmosphere about it was, and if it was any good. I've done archery in scouts, but hadn't really thought about it except in passing. So I went.

Managed not to kill anyone despite the fact that I got an arrow to bounce back to within a few feet of the line. But it was a 70 lb compound bow, not my cup of tea. So I went and hung out more to watch and learn, but my friend stopped coming. That's how it's happened for all but table tennis: Someone introduces me to a sport and then immediately gives it up.

I bought a bow made in South Korea, for probably too much for a starting bow, recurve, 40 lb draw, and just over 3 foot in length. I bought some arrows and tried it out. I was terrible, couldn't hit the 4x4 foot bale at 20 yards consistently. Jessie tried a ~20 lb bow from one of the regulars and liked it so much we bought it off of him for a good price.

That was about a year ago, since then we have enjoyed the company of other archers and forgotten quite a bit about fencing. Recently we have been consistent and accurate enough to get pretty good groupings, it feels really pretty good to get about 10 arrows all within a few inches of one another without the massive amount of equipment. My arms and back are much stronger and can deal with about an hour and a half of shooting. All in all, a good time.

Now that we are getting back some of our time in the future it will be fun to get back to fencing, but we are definitely keeping archery as one of our sports.

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