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Snow and More Snow

What is white, falls from the sky, is watery and does not require updrafts from warm ground? Snow. We were so lucky here in good old Laramie to get enough precipitation to close the University down at 3 in the afternoon. So I had no class yesterday. So rather than waste too much time I helped my friends make some mead. According to rough estimates and calculations it should be done just in time for Finals Week. Perfect timing. Let's just hope that is rots correctly, otherwise it could be quite dangerous to even try some. We do have one friend that can attest to a good batch because she has taken a brewing class here at the university before.

Other than making alcohol for making a good finals week I have about 4 projects that need completing some time in April. Most of them are with groups so that we can remind one another of what needs done and when. Solo is really hard since it is just you making sure that just you are on time. I need to get much better at that sort of stuff. Moti…

The Fun of Few Days Left

What does anyone want to know of the bowels of Bearaucracy? Let me tell you that you need awfully good excuses to get any consession out of anyone who thinks that the rules apply to, well, everyone. Sure they do, but not when you twist the rules. Remember, power is not as good as it seems, in fact it tends to corrupt, and absolute power... If you have a chance to quash hopes and make money at the same time why not exercise that little bit of muscle that lower down higher-ups are allowed. Let's just say that I ruined a perfectly good spring break, a chance to work on my projects, by having to plumb these oily, nasty depths. Now I am so far behind that the entire fight over graduating with all requirements met might fall through because I couldn't finish a project, which means utter failure and no graduation.

So in other news the weather is swinging, just like it should, from warm (60+) to cold and snowy with several inches of accumulation and back. That was over the span of two …

Sleep? Oops.

Remember, always have the correct amount of sleep to be able to function in the world you are living in. In other words, do not find a game and the correct hardware and stay up until 4 a.m. unless there is no school the next day, even then it is a bad idea. It took nearly a day and a half of looking for hardware drivers then a new card, which really isn't new, and then looking for drivers for it based on the fact that the chips and fan were set at a 45 degree angle to the board. It is quite the identifier in one line of graphics cards however within that line there is the GT line which all have the 45 degree offsets. So I got it running off of a driver that probably is lost in too much memory seeing as the driver was for a 6200 and the card could have been 6600. Oh well.

So once the card was running I got the game running, that caused this wild goose chase, in "safe mode" which is a whole hell of a lot better than anything my previous card could do. And now there are thin…