Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Fun of Few Days Left

What does anyone want to know of the bowels of Bearaucracy? Let me tell you that you need awfully good excuses to get any consession out of anyone who thinks that the rules apply to, well, everyone. Sure they do, but not when you twist the rules. Remember, power is not as good as it seems, in fact it tends to corrupt, and absolute power... If you have a chance to quash hopes and make money at the same time why not exercise that little bit of muscle that lower down higher-ups are allowed. Let's just say that I ruined a perfectly good spring break, a chance to work on my projects, by having to plumb these oily, nasty depths. Now I am so far behind that the entire fight over graduating with all requirements met might fall through because I couldn't finish a project, which means utter failure and no graduation.

So in other news the weather is swinging, just like it should, from warm (60+) to cold and snowy with several inches of accumulation and back. That was over the span of two days, the rest are pretty stable temperature if windy today. Grand!

The Cowgirls have been beating down other teams for the basketball WNIT tournament and that means the fencing club has been working consessions where there are nearly 12000 fans in the stands and we work nearly constantly. It will be over this Saturday, one way or another.

I saw a career opportunity with Brunton that is a designer position. Brunton is a outdoor equipment company, compasses, GPS units, camp stoves, power supplies, and a whole ton of other things. It is for all majors listed in the career services and seeing as I have design experience and also experience using equipment as a Boy Scout having the Rank of Eagle Scout. And also its not all engineering necessarily, or at least no the circuits idea. A big plus might be helping design things correctly so that they don't have stupid flanges or other delicate parts that break easily. I really hate products that are not meant to last while being used continuously in the way they are supposed to be used.

I believe there is pizza in my near future, so I am going to go sniff it out and eat it. I may write again, sooner than last time, possibly.

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