Monday, March 05, 2007

Sleep? Oops.

Remember, always have the correct amount of sleep to be able to function in the world you are living in. In other words, do not find a game and the correct hardware and stay up until 4 a.m. unless there is no school the next day, even then it is a bad idea. It took nearly a day and a half of looking for hardware drivers then a new card, which really isn't new, and then looking for drivers for it based on the fact that the chips and fan were set at a 45 degree angle to the board. It is quite the identifier in one line of graphics cards however within that line there is the GT line which all have the 45 degree offsets. So I got it running off of a driver that probably is lost in too much memory seeing as the driver was for a 6200 and the card could have been 6600. Oh well.

So once the card was running I got the game running, that caused this wild goose chase, in "safe mode" which is a whole hell of a lot better than anything my previous card could do. And now there are things due, places to go, people to meet, blogs to write, and many other numerous things that do not sound good, even though I have coffee and water in front of me and a machine that definitely won't run the game. (Using a school computer.)

So now I am writing about my project, or well writing this when I get stuck on something writing about my project. As seen above my mind is not what it should be today, or where it should be. It isn't even wandering, it's just laying there as though, well, insert a good metaphor here. And now back to write a few more sentences on very important document...

Okay, that was not fun, trying very hard to concentrate and finish, even this sentence. I paused right before "even this sentence" and could not figure out how to word it. I think I need sleep. But really want to write more, both for a grade and for this. Oh yes, and for stories, going to have to make a story timeline because write now my idea editor, Thomas, has no idea how I am structuring my thoughts, since right now I am just writing bits and pieces. I am really happy though to have somebody comment on, well right now, very scattered thoughts that make sense to me but obviously not to someone else. Seeing as he knows me better than say the public at large I would say that this is a good indicator that I need to rethink quite a bit of how I am going about writing the story. Thanks Thomas.

Last week, for those who aren't in Laramie was in the single-digits and teens for almost the entire week, add on 30 to 50 mph winds on top and you get well below zero apparent temperature. Today it should get to 45 or 50 degrees, a perfect summertime temperature. It's been nice that we have actually had winter this year so we might be able to enjoy summer, unless it gets too warm, this time though I have a basement, so it will stay nice and cool if we turn off the heater.

Finished the last game of concessions for the UW men's basketball season, they probably won't play at home again, and I'm glad. I was helping out the fencing club with fund raising and I had previous contacts so now the club will be able to replace just about all of the equipment and get a few new items that we haven't had before. Working food service makes you realize just how badly food is handled, we, as the club, actually were quite clean compared with some of the people that worked with us. So I am happy to be done selling very overpriced food and beverages to those who think they need it for such a short time. Oh well, we got free food in the deal, but the food left a lot to be desired after a few hot dogs or pretzels, even spread over a few games.

So, in conclusion, I need sleep. Otherwise I might faceplant while still writing this last sentence, must... hit..... publish....and log-off.

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Gustavus said...

good entry. now that I'm not on time blackhole liberal book I guess you need to blog more so i can keep comenting.

Anyway I'm going to some girl's birthday party today. Should be interesting seeing how the japanese butcher a simple birthday party into a cultural attrocity.

Anyway keep on bloging and writing and i'll keep on reading.

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