Friday, March 30, 2007

Snow and More Snow

What is white, falls from the sky, is watery and does not require updrafts from warm ground? Snow. We were so lucky here in good old Laramie to get enough precipitation to close the University down at 3 in the afternoon. So I had no class yesterday. So rather than waste too much time I helped my friends make some mead. According to rough estimates and calculations it should be done just in time for Finals Week. Perfect timing. Let's just hope that is rots correctly, otherwise it could be quite dangerous to even try some. We do have one friend that can attest to a good batch because she has taken a brewing class here at the university before.

Other than making alcohol for making a good finals week I have about 4 projects that need completing some time in April. Most of them are with groups so that we can remind one another of what needs done and when. Solo is really hard since it is just you making sure that just you are on time. I need to get much better at that sort of stuff. Motivating me is like trying to pull something out of the mud that would rather just wallow. If I could ever find where I put my real motivation then everything would be much simpler.

Those projects that need doing include a robot simulation of search and destroy, finding enemy artillery by using topographic algorithms and the tendency for humans trying to make things look organized to draw lines of search patterns out from the previously found artillery pieces and track down the next set. When that doesn't work then the planning is set up differently so that the next pieces are found much more quickly. Another project is putting a real physical robot through a maze using fuzzy math and small or simple path-finding algorithms. Once we get rolling that project should be extremely simple. A third project is to filter certain noises or changing tones in a music file for Digital Signals Processing. It is an adaptive filter, which I have never dealt with before, but I don't need to worry. This is because I am on;y working in conjunction with my lab group. They are programming the filter while I program a feedback into the supporting desktop computer so that we can see the filter and its component parts move in correlation to the tone that it is filtering out.

Unfortunately today the University opened up again because the skies went clear and no more snow threatened to fall and block more roads, most of which are open down here, so I am again looking forward to the weekend rather than able to relax quite yet. I guess I should get some more useful things done at this juncture, seeing as if I don't...

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