Thursday, May 11, 2006

Here and already loving it

Flew in yesterday on a flight that would never end, 14 hours from Dallas to Osaka. I think I went crazy during the flight, not really but it did seem as though nothing really happened. I slept maybe a total of twenty minutes on the entire flight. That is quite amazing when thinking that we got up at 3 a.m. to get to the airport to catch a flight to Dallas and then the long flight from Dallas.

The weather right now is just the right temperature with very little humidity. Already went wandering this morning watching all the people going to work. It seems most walk down to the mass transit and take that where they are going rather than driving. We went through a temple on the way back up to the college we are staying at. It is such a different society and I understand about one of a thousand words. We are getting a tour in an hour or so and then a welcome party, should be interesting.

This keyboard that I am using seems like a normal keyboard except that it has hirigana all across it, hmm... I think there is a button that might do something いぇん I think that says yen, but not really more like ien. I will take some pictures and eat some ramen.

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Gustavus said...

ah yeah the welcome party... its nice. You should make sure to go to that schools cafeteria and order curry too... waay good. anyway keep me posted. No paul on the plane i take it? ah well have fun in the tatami room. I'm really jellious.

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