Monday, April 02, 2007

1 Week

I will be 22 then April Ninth, what changes? Uh, not really anything, other than getting ready to graduate. Other than that though there really is nothing different. I guess I should get a job. You know the thing that pays people for doing work also without the homework that is so irksome in college. Think about it, when done with work from sometime in the morning to sometime in the afternoon, going home or wherever not worrying about what's due tomorrow. What is due tomorrow? Hmm... Not quite everything, but a good portion. If I stop procrastinating now that would be good. Okay, it's not working, still procrastinating.

Reading a good series of books by David Brin. He is an excellent author although the end of this last book is getting a little weird. I haven't finished it though so it might end with a satisfying ending, or it might cliff hang so that he can write a trilogy of trilogies. I don't know yet. Have to finish so I can do more homework.

Ah well, nearly time for embedded systems again. Fuzzy logic, it's great fun, and soft too.

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