Thursday, April 12, 2007

50th Post in Over a Year and Over 306 Visitors

I didn't realize I have had this thing for this long. It is nice to get my thoughts down every so often, this week more than others. One of my friends calls it self-justified drivel or something to that affect. I believe that if you want to view it that way fine go ahead. I don't write about politics the way some of my other friends do, it is more self centered, more chronicling what I have done every so often with some of my own opinions thrown in. Statistically the Blogosphere has stopped its explosion and has settled down, hopefully enough that the technology for finding fakes and destroying them gets rid of all that garbage that probably contributed to the explosive growth.

Again, as I have said before, I really don't know who reads my blog. I know that I have contributed between 20 and 30 different IP addresses because of all the computers across campus that I have visited the blog with, including this one with dual LCD screens that allow me to ignore the other screen while I type on this one. If people other than Thomas would comment once in a while it might give me a better idea of who is reading my self-centered observations. Thomas, you can still comment, I am not setting a ban on your comments, I would just like to see who is all out there.

The weather, oh the weather! It is Wyoming, however, it does not need to change so drastically between days, much less hours. But that's enough complaining. I need to go eat now, maybe do some homework afterward, maybe.

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Gustavus said...

It is very odd to be spoken directly to on a blog you know that?

no one ever comments on mine either i used to care about it but mostly i just kind of use it to whine about whatever is bothering me at the moment and then go back to doing real things. /shrug to each their own.

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