Thursday, April 05, 2007

Slowly Passing, Quickly Past

That's how it seems anyway. The days while playing themselves out are eternal, especially when not doing anything, or working on things that aren't quite fun. And then it comes to pass and I am left with a feeling of missing something or undone. It's great. So I will keep this short.

There is a fencing seminar this weekend with a couple coaches from the University of Florida. They expect to cover all three weapons in about 15 hours for about 50 dollars apiece. Not bad considering some of the amounts I heard from some people about 50 dollars for 20 minute lesson in some big cities. Come out to the boonies, fence cheaply. I don't know of any regular readers other than Thomas but if anybody wants to and is around, come to the University of Wyoming Education Gym 5 p.m. Friday with 50 dollars. Ah plugging for stabbing, fun!

Alright, better work now.

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Gustavus said...

Do your work yo.

I start classes the day after tomorow. Then I start into my 1.5 year work up to doing something spetacular. Hopefully there after I'll do that spetacular thing for a year and then move into the work force proper or some other worthy activity. We'll see.

Hope you are doing well and fighting off "Coach Pro" as we used to jokingly call is at NMMI after the second worst "motivational" speaker I've ever heard refered to procrastination in this manner... the worst motivational speaker I've ever heard was at NMMI as well and he had a 80 point speach about vaigu concepts to supposedly motivate oneself better. The only motivation i got out of it was a increased will to die and the longest 2 hour period of my life including every single other incident and situation I've ever been in... This gives you an idea that the coach Pro speach being the second worst speach was not very good either.

Anyway Peace!

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