Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hardly. Although I was able to concentrate for five hours yesterday on one single project. So maybe I do feel different about being 22. I've applied for jobs and am looking forward to graduating. So far, maybe a lot different.

I got an alternate position for the JET program teaching English in Japan. That means I don't know if they want me or not for a few months up till middle of October. From now until then I need to be doing something to make some money so I can start paying more bills. That is why I applied for the Brunton Design job. I would get to design outdoor equipment, or at least help in most of the processes with a team. One bad thing would be the location: Riverton. However Riverton with the possibility of the Wind River Mountains outside of town, a cool job, and the possibility to continue some of my sports wouldn't be too bad, actually it might be really nice. So now I have to wait for that as well. I can't wait, I can't wait...

Now how much fencing can be done in one weekend? Without killing oneself? With tournaments you might wear yourself out over two days, but that is off and on fencing. With a seminar where something is demonstrated and then the guest coach expects you to do it for about 6 hours on a Saturday... It was fun, though, I really enjoyed it and I think I learned quite a bit. There were a few questionable things that he told us about weight distribution but overall it was a very helpful seminar. The most important thing I learned was about the Sabre right-of-way which says that as long as you are moving forward before the other person and have not attempted and attack or been parried, then it is your attack until the first is finished. Well at least it is clear in my mind now, yo can rest easy. Bruce, the guest coach, also had quite a few suggestions for the recruitment and retainment of members for the team. I really can't worry about that for UW seeing as I don't know where I will be in the next few months, but if I get the Riverton job I might be able to start a feeder fencing team at the community college there. He also told us to call him down in Florida anytime if we had questions about drills, membership, or anything else.

I celebrated my birthday with my family and then came back for Monday, my actual birthday to go about my usual business of trying to complete school satisfactorily. Monday birthdays have to be the worst. Oh well, I think now I will do some mindless cleaning of some code.

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