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The End is Here!

No more for a few weeks. Then it is back to the grindstone.

Three weeks, six tests

Two homeworks, or three and a lab. Oh yes and a paper that I nearly forgot. Oh well, hopefully I will live. most of my plans are going forward in the next week, sending in the JET application being near the top along with homework and tests and a few other things.

I ran four miles on Turkey day to help fund raise for a children's hospital. I finished at about 33 minutes. Pretty good for not having done long distance flat running. Then on Saturday I fenced the day away, I should have brought something to do because it was technical failures after technical failures. I think before we hold a tournament here again I am going to go through the equipment myself, after all it is really very simple circuits, and I believe there might actually be some logic gates! Oh fun, I really want to open up a box and see what is inside! But who knows, we might not use our boxes the rest of the year. Just the swords, cords, and lamets (sp?). Oh well, can't do everything. There was a kid who said t…

How soon will the end come?

I am not talking about the end of the world, just the semester, but I guess that means tests. Just now looking up the testing times. I have one on Wednesday and two on Friday. The one on Wednesday is German, the two are Probability and Stochastic Processes (Statistics with integrals and billed as a "Friendly introduction for Electrical and Computer Engineers") and the dreaded Electronics class. I hope I pass electronics, I really do because otherwise next semester is a mess not to mention taking nearly 19 hours if I have to retake that class.

The hardest class next semester should be the operating system design class, I hear it is lots of programming, not fun. But the class on modern robots and softbots should be extremely fun since it is being taught by a very good professor. Can you tell I want this semester to be over, I will leave behind some good memories further in the past, but, so is life, sais la vis.

What I am looking forward to with even more good cheer is the end o…

The Day Before Tomorrow

That day is today. Ach! and today means that tomorrow is coming soon. The faster and faster progression of days will lead to other days, but now I am finally looking at these days in a somewhat better light. Actually I like the nights better, if there is a moon it is nearly as easy to see as in daylight and if there isn't then it still isn't so bad as some people think. It isn't quite as cold as it should be here this time of year. Some people are wearing short-sleeves and not because they are used to the cold as is the case in the spring when twenty degrees feels balmy. This morning was finally colder than the sixty degree days we have been having the last two weeks. When snow falls again and the temperature never gets above forty for months on end and hopefully the snow doesn't melt the day after it falls. If it gets down to negative twenty or thirty again then it will be a good winter. If it were to stay that cold, to keep the snow around of course, then it would be…

Relaxing, Really

The more I try the harder it gets, to relax that is. I was able to relax when I went home for a total of 23 hours. That certainly helped, but I am still really wound-up, it has been like this for nearly a month, maybe a little less. I feel like I have so much energy and yet no place to expend it. I do fencing, Kendo, and ping-pong something of three days a week, I also run stairs in the mornings twice a week although I admit I missed one today. I am extremely tired at the same time though, it seems as if I was carrying something very heavy but only when I think about it.

More specifically I think I passed all of my exams last week. Two exams, a presentation, and on the Saturday before I had the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, an eight hour monster standard throughout the US that is the precursor to getting the PE or Professional Engineer's License. Fun! The presentation was definitely the highlight of the week. I taught people how to fold cranes in German. Most of them got it and…

Fun with Electronics

Just got done with a lab report for electronics, now to finish prelab. These would be more fun if they weren't so cut and dry. But oh well, just another thing to get through right now.

Finally Settling into Winter

Ah, the nice cold days of winter, I believe they are right around the corner because it snowed today and the temperature is in the 30's and expected to drop this afternoon. So now that I am not so willingly freed of some things that I was involved with I think I have more time for homework and the like. Got to go find a professional background for a powerpoint dealing with a telescope. Here's a picture that I definitely will not use for the background: This is a rose that is still blooming, as of today, in front of my basement apartment. That is my window in the background. It is a little bright but the white spots are snow. The snow started falling early this morning, but as with all snow in Wyoming these days it really doesn't stick around for as long as it should. Enjoy the picture, now for me to do work, but you can continue enjoying.

Interesting Things and Bad Things

Interesting thing: my roommate has a blog. I didn't know, the info came from a third source. That's how much I talk to my roommate though. Really haven't seen him in a while because I have been gone from our basement apartment except to sleep, eat, or get some stuff for the next activity. I think it's cool, but as long as we keep the comments positive about each other. Going to set up a link on the side, go visit his blog.

Bad things: Sick and two tests coming up this week. Self explanatory.

Interesting thing: Some friends and I actually made tea with ginger root boiled with it. Then they put cocoa powder, crushed red chilis, cinnamon and a couple other spices in. Right now I really don't feel sick, and am a bit beyond wired, for a few more minutes. Here's the recipe:

8 cups water
1/3 cup coarsley chopped fresh ginger root.
4-5 bags of black tea
1/4 cup cocoa powder
3 dashes of ground cloves
4 dashes cinnamon
5 dashes cayanne pepper or else crushed red pepper in a coffe…


For some reason it is very hard to think right now. I really don't know what to write and, well... I don't know how to continue. I guess I am tired but I know how to deal with that. Classes are easy except one that I shouldn't even take my eyes off of for fear that it might destroy me. And well... here's another dead end in thinking, or at least writing. Let's just say that somedays are better than others in certain confusing situations. It is amazing how irrational the mind can be and once the analyzing kicks in it flings me to lower depths or greater heights. Fun. Or not. To not be confused is my goal, and in all instances that is what it is, but then (fingers dead on the keyboard) I am confused for no good reason. Do I just forget or what? It really isn't forgetting as much as analyzing a single point until that is all I am thinking about and not seeing the entire picture. This is not a very good strategy for nearly any application but this really isn't …

Another week...

GONE, or close to. I really think these weeks are getting shorter and shorter. I hope it isn't a conspiracy but it might be, more on that later. Now to get a little bit of ranting in.

I hate protestors, or at least the ones that have been in Prexy's pasture for the past few days. They are protesting abortion, which is fine(to an extant), but they are doing it with shock methods. Showing pictures of murdered children and the processes that did them in. One guy I passed was asking people why they weren't doing anything to help, he was standing there yelling at us and being oh-so productive. I really just want to tear into some of those protestors and ask why they are wasting their time doing this rather than finding a solution. My solution: the development of artificial wombs. If a woman accidently becomes pregnant then the pregnancy can be moved to one of these so that the woman does not have to deal with the severe ethical issues that arise with the entire current debate. I…

Another week...

GONE, or close to. I really think these weeks are getting shorter and shorter. I hope it isn't a conspiracy but it might be, more on that later. Now to get a little bit of ranting in.

I hate protestors, or at least the ones that have been in Prexy's pasture for the past few days. They are protesting abortion, which is fine(to an extant), but they are doing it with shock methods. Showing pictures of murdered children and the processes that did them in. One guy I passed was asking people why they weren't doing anything to help, he was standing there yelling at us and being oh-so productive. I really just want to tear into some of those protestors and ask why they are wasting their time doing this rather than finding a solution. My solution: the development of artificial wombs. If a woman accidently becomes pregnant then the pregnancy can be moved to one of these so that the woman does not have to deal with the severe ethical issues that arise with the entire current debate. I…

Another week...

GONE, or close to. I really think these weeks are getting shorter and shorter. I hope it isn't a conspiracy but it might be, more on that later. Now to get a little bit of ranting in.

I hate protestors, or at least the ones that have been in Prexy's pasture for the past few days. They are protesting abortion, which is fine(to an extant), but they are doing it with shock methods. Showing pictures of murdered children and the processes that did them in. One guy I passed was asking people why they weren't doing anything to help, he was standing there yelling at us and being oh-so productive. I really just want to tear into some of those protestors and ask why they are wasting their time doing this rather than finding a solution. My solution: the development of artificial wombs. If a woman accidently becomes pregnant then the pregnancy can be moved to one of these so that the woman does not have to deal with the severe ethical issues that arise with the entire current debate. I…

Weeks, passing quickly

The weeks are going so fast that I really can't keep track of them very well. Didn't school just start a week ago? No, it didn't and according to my count this next week is week five. WEEK FIVE? Where have the others gone? To answer that question would take one word: somewhere, specifically, somewhere in the past. So they stay there.

My jaw still hurts pretty badly but it might just be the muscles trying to reattach themselves to my lower jaw. That would be good, but it still hurts and so that is bad.

I went home Friday to get my holes checked out by the doctor to see if I had anything going wrong with them, nope. They are in good condition and might be mostly filled in in five weeks. Sort of like a broken arm, except there is really no way to learn to chew without your mouth. If you break your arm you can learn to eat with the other.

I am thinking rather than going to Germany in January that I will just finish my schooling and be done with it. There are two reasons: number o…

Teeth, ouch

Some people think it hurts to get teeth pulled. It does. Some people think that getting general anasthetic means that you are out for much longer than your surgery. Hmm?? I first remember about a half hour after the operation. Fortunately they put local anasthetic in as well. So it didn't hurt, yeah! I am actually in more pain now nearly a week after then, than I was just a few days after, it's fun though with the endorphins going through the system every few minutes.

A drinking game, and feet

I am not advocating drunkeness in any way. In fact I find drunks pretty stupid and hope to never be one. This game is for those who don't want to get drunk.

The other night the people above me had a party with a little too much noise so I went up stairs to ask them to be quieter. Fortunately they are nice people, at least while drunk, and invited me in for a beer. I accepted and went inside. The upstairs is quite a bit bigger than my basement apartment and they had already moved to a room not directly over my bedroom. I accepted a beer and started sipping at it when one of the girls asked if I wanted a shot of rum (as far as I could tell) and one of the guys poured a shot glass all the way to the top and tried to hand it to me. I refused until I thought of a good idea.

"If you hold that glass still for a minute and don't spill anything, I'll drink it." The guy agreed and I started counting. by the time a minute was up he had spilled quite a bit of it and I took my …


Ah, the joys! It really does feel good to be organized, it's just my usual procrastination that hinders it. I organized a google calendar, remembering that I am going to get me teeth removed on Friday the 15th. And I have notes as to when homework is due in all the classes so hopefully...

Now just to organize my room so that all the boxes are somewhere out of the way. I admit I haven't been spending very much time at the apartment even though I just paid 300 dollars for it today. But there is only me and my roommate and a computer that isn't connected to the net yet, or maybe ever. I have been spending my time at the honors house on campus and brushing up on my lack of social skills by talking to and listening to people. The summer wasn't all that great for speaking to people because I had an internet connection in my room, that might be a bad idea. I'll think about it harder, it costs money too. Oh well for internet then.

Survival of the somewhat fit

Well, I have survived 3 days of the first week and am on my fourth today with engineering senior design and German. It really isn't hard, no assignments so far and no labs this first week. I hope to test out of health because first, it is stupid, second, I know much of what is going to be taught, third, it is an 8 o'clock class, and fourth, it is crowded. I just have to place out of it with an exam next week that looks simple enough but of course I guess I could easily fail it or get a grade that will not be acceptable and I will have to take the course anyway. I could get out of the activity, rock climbing, because I am in a club sport, ping-pong, but I want to do some rock climbing so I will continue to do it anyway.

Speaking of physical activities I did about six hours of them last night. First was Fencing at 5, then kendo at seven, and then ping-pong at nine. I should have been up at 6 this morning to go run stairs but I felt pretty tired so I just rolled over and went back…


Class for me starts in just under half-an-hour as I write this and it seems that the summer went by too quickly. If I just had one more week... I would probably squader it. The nice thing about last week was that all the people I know, that haven't graduated, were coming back and so I could see them an d talk to them. Listening to harrowing study abroads to Israel or quieter ones in France and other places. And also getting to say good-bye to those going overseas this year. Now if I can just be one of their number.

Tried doing pull-ups today, got to twelve and gave up, only for today. I haven't done pull-ups in such a long time that it was hard to start again, but if I am to do rock climbing and not be hauled up by my harness then I will continue to improve on twelve.

I should probably start moseying over to my first class, oh and thanks to the hundredth person, I don't think it was me because my counter said 101.


School starts in such a short time that I am having trouble reconciling the summer and all that I did or didn't do. I am going to take a few electrical engineering courses and a German course as a refresher, I hope I survive that. Just got my textbooks in, yey! Means I can start studying German and Probalistic and Stochastic patterns or something like that.

Almost one hundred, I probably added one more by using this computer. If you see #100 on my counter I invite you to comment. I would just like to know who else is out there other than Thomas. Sorry Thomas, no offense meant.

Almost a hundred different computers...

Almost a hundred different computers have visited me according to my counter. That doesn't mean a hundred people, I might be responsible for five or six of those computers. I hope I didn't scare off any of those people regularly reading my nonexistent blog because I didn't write for a while.

What can you do, though? I am just about to move to a new house which should be interesting considering it's a basement but near the theater and a park, pretty good huh? Maybe I'll start running in the mornings again because of closeness of grass. Concrete and asphalt are horrible surfaces to run on, but grass is much more forgiving even if it is uneven. Although, thinking about it, maybe I shouldn't run. I think I have done something to my foot during kendo. Rather than having problems with my right foot from fumi-kumi-ashi, stomping on an attack, my left foot has a pain between the third and fourth meta-tarsals where there is a nerve that dives between those bones accordin…

Have you had a day...

Have you had a day where nothing comes to you? I wasted an entire day, but I will work extra hard tomorrow. Or maybe enough to get done what needs to be with maybe some time to do other things.
I am trying to pull multiple things together from anywhere, a couple days ago to next January through December. Hmm... Fun!


Quite a good sight in the fridge:

Eggs if you couldn't see clearly. This is my fridge though not my eggs. These are about five months old, possibly.

Some pictures and comparisons

Here are a few pictures, the first from Japan and the rest from Wyoming.

This is a view from one of the temples we visited in Kyoto. A little bit hazy.

Mountains in Wyoming, the Snowies in June. Can see very far with only a little haze, it should be clearer except that our wonderful neighbor states are smogging up the air, but the wind carries it away quickly.

A Bitterroot flower about the size of a thumb nail. Larger subspecies of this plant was an important food source for a few American Indian Tribes. This would be a very small root indeed.

Snow still in the trees off of the park (a large treeless area) in June. Sally, my parents' new golden retreiver loves to play in the snow.

Marsh marigolds.

Natural sculpture in the Medicin Bow Forest.

Tenegui (sp?) the bottom one from a long training weekend here in Laramie. The top one from Takarazuka Kendo-jo.

Long time no write

It's been nearly a month since Japan and most is well. I hope that I can go back, but now I should be focusing on more relevant problems such as my space grant. It is so easy to procrastinate in wonderful Laramie. The weather is nice and cool even compared to Japan a month earlier. But it's a tiny bit dry with the foresters for different agencies saying Wyoming and the rest of the west is about a month ahead of schedule for wildfires and extremely dry conditions.

I worked for a day on a construction site. They had me back-filling curb on a track, did that for about nine hours with small infrequent breaks on a very sunny day. I recovered from the soreness for the next week. The wierd thing was that I did some Kendo during that week and while doing Kendo I didn't hurt at all. Hmm... good I guess, although who knows how much longer my recovery took because of Kendo.

Speaking of Kendo I was able to go to a dojo in Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan. Not the one I was looking for but s…

Finished but not yet Recounted

I really didn't want to come back. Japan is so cool, I really just wanted to stay. I just have to figure out how to get back to Japan without breaking the bank. Janice said that anybody who wanted to could join the class without taking the class next year. In otherwords cheap stay without having to go to all the classes. But then again I think there is a better option, especially if I'm in Germany next year. Hmm... could be really quite interesting, and hopefully affordable. Lufthansa has direct flights from Fankfurt to Osaka for about 1300 dollars.

Lost and Loving It

Who says lost is bad? Not me but then I really wasn`t lost yesterday. Really I wasn`t. I knew where I was and how to get back, just not how to get where I wanted to get to. Asking a few questions of people who didn`t know english and then one who did but with no idea of where my destination lay. I walked around for about two or three hours without success and finally came back. Hopefully I might be able to find it on Saturday or next Tuesday, hmm... if I just knew alot more Japanese. I know directions and asking where something is but there are alot of ummmss and all sorts of akward pauses.

And writing this much later, all the interactions I had with shopkeepers were either in broken english or broken japanese. It helps that I learned to say (in broken japanese) kore wa hitatsu or futatsu or the counters such as ban and all the rest. If I write any more it will be tomorrow morning or Monday morning.

Rainy Day

I finished copying down the hirigana and katakana so I may be able to sound things out at least. It will not help me understand what I am saying, just a way to help facilitate meal ordering. Maybe by the end of the trip I will be able to recognize the kana on their own without the help of a notebook. The best classroom is the real world. I forget who said that.

Today is raining pretty hard from what I hear, I have not looked outside myself but it sounds like its raining pretty hard. Now do not jump all over my apostrophe grammar, I would have to hit too many keys to actually use it. Also today we are going to learn a little bit more about the way of tea and ikebana or flower arranging. I should hope that it will be a good day despite the rain.

Yesterday, after the welcome party we visited the music building and participated in a class that was taught in English and it was about music. It was very elementry for the music and not overly hard for the english and something that american sch…

Long Day

So it was a great day, wandering around the campus on a tour, getting welcomed at a welcome luncheon and then getting a "train lesson" and eating some superb ramen at nishinomia kitaguchi station. All in all a great day, now to go copy some hirigana and katakana so that I`m able to at least sound out what I want rather than pointing it out.

Here and already loving it

Flew in yesterday on a flight that would never end, 14 hours from Dallas to Osaka. I think I went crazy during the flight, not really but it did seem as though nothing really happened. I slept maybe a total of twenty minutes on the entire flight. That is quite amazing when thinking that we got up at 3 a.m. to get to the airport to catch a flight to Dallas and then the long flight from Dallas.

The weather right now is just the right temperature with very little humidity. Already went wandering this morning watching all the people going to work. It seems most walk down to the mass transit and take that where they are going rather than driving. We went through a temple on the way back up to the college we are staying at. It is such a different society and I understand about one of a thousand words. We are getting a tour in an hour or so and then a welcome party, should be interesting.

This keyboard that I am using seems like a normal keyboard except that it has hirigana all across it, hmm.…

Japan, Two Days to Go

All the paperwork's finished, I have my passport, starting to pack, reading the books for the class, am I forgeting anything? I don't think I am. I know how to pack for trips because my family traveled at least once or twice a year. The optimum amount of junk (clothing, toiletries, gifts) all depends on the person. I pack light, the lighter the better. I'm going to have to carry it so it might as well be managable. Here's a partial list of stuff I think I need:

-6 days of clothing, so it will be laundry twice while I'm there
-Gifts, a book, a placemat and a deck of cards
-Hakama and Gi, in case I can practice some kendo still trying to decide whether or not to take it.

-Books, notebook, pencil, pens, smaller more portable notebooks, class materials in otherwords
-Camera with extra batteries and a charger
-shoes, one pair has to be an inside pair only unless I want to be in my socks or barefeet all the time

I really can't think of much more to go with me…

3rd Month, nearly 30 people

Happy May Day! What does may day celebrate anyway, hmm... hold on a second. Ah ha, May Day is International Workers' Day that sort of started in the US when workers wanted shorter working days. People always say shorter hours, but hours are hours, unless of course you say that you work for 45 minutes then take a fifteen minute break. Americans are notoriously overworked. Some European countries have a lot less gross hours over a year and hardly any overtime put in, their economies aren't quite as stable but still we could cut back a little even after 150 years after the first strikes to get "shorter hours."

I am really tired of school. This is the best week though. It's Finals. Finals means no homework, other than studying, and shorter hours compared to a job. The rest of the weeks at school are cumbersome with all the homework that has to be done outside of class, hence homework. I really don't like homework, when I have a job there will only be some overtime…

A Few More Pictures

A few kenshi, including me (behind the camera) demonstrating the wonders of Kendo to the passing masses on Prexy's Pasture in front of the University of Wyoming's Union. Most of them just gave us wierd looks, and a newspaper quoted someone saying the craziest thing they've ever seen is ninjas on campus. Hmmm... I like the idea of ninjas but the traditional ideas, not the modern trying to take the name of ninja or ninjitsu. Oi, go bujutsu, go ninjitsu.

A few pictures

A Kendo practice a few weeks ago.

Exciting! ...Really.

Easter weekend was interesting, went to a sharp-tailed grouse lek early Saturday. By early I mean that I got up at 4 a.m. What a great thing to do. We got to the pasture before the sun had come up all the way. Rolling down the windows I could hear them drumming and calling, really weird sounding. As it got brighter we could begin to make out the white feathers on the males as they danced around. People who had been before said that this was the longest they continued, about half an hour. It got quiet really quickly once the grouse saw the Northern Harrier. We realized it was a Harrier too but had seen it sitting on the fence post before the grouse did. That was fun and as we drove off we realized that we had a flat tire. Fun, we had to turn bak to Cheyenne and call it a day for birdwatching. After getting home I slept another four hours.

Sally, my parents' new golden retriever puppy, is a little bit out of control. Just a little bit, but she is small enough that she can easily be f…

What to do when angry...

First: try not to be in a situation where anger commonly arises. If I could figure this out for those wonderful situations where I am angry then, well, I wouldn't be angry. Hmm... sounds like target recognition in Kendo, need more training to see it, but that involves putting myself in the situation more often which is less desirable.

Second: deal with it on your terms. Do not take the anger out on the person who made you angry unless to prove a well considered point. My gut reaction is to deny an accuser, block a shinai (kendo), but the more correct thing to do is to tell the truth, or in kendo be faster than the other person. When someone moves to hit you then is the best time to finish them first, the longer you wait, or if you block the more time they have to recover from a failed attempt. The stereotypical way of taking out your anger is on a pillow. Pillows, I fear, are no substitute for a person, something more solid like a punching bag is much more useful. Also the heavier …


Why are people insistent that on a twenty-first birthday you must get smashed? I don't know, I didn't and I'm better off because of it. Last night I had one beer, just one and no more. I could have ordered my food a little more carefully to go with it so I don't think cheese goes well with beer. That's a funny thing to think about, it's the alcoholic drinks that you have to order more carefully for, like wine and in my opinion after last night, beer. I mean you can get a pop or lemonade and it really doesn't matter what you have with it. Maybe it's just me. If you didn't catch on I turned 21 yesterday and was very happy that I did not hold back the other people from kendo in sitting in the bar area of the restaurant. Fortunately the restaurant was very busy and the request for them to sing Happy Birthday fell through, not that I would've minded if they had, just that it was nice not being sung to.

The really funny thing was that the two people on…
Well I asked for it, not directly, I think, but I got a digital camera from my parents. And this is Sally, a golden retreiver puppy, who takes a little bit of patience to take a picture of but now I have a good picture and an easy way to get more. Now this wasn't just randomly, I know that my parents want to see my trip to Japan so I will take pictures and post some of them.

That Japan trip requires daily entries into a trip diary and I'm thinking of either using this medium exclusively or just posting what I write by hand. I'll have to ask.

I'm going to skip Musashi for this post but I will take more photos for posts after this one.

Ah Ha!

Now I can see how many people are visiting my blog, even if it's skimming. I chose the option that only counts the number of individuals not the number of times my blog is visited. So now to watch all the people fascinated with my wonderful life... At least 2, come on! Am I the only one that reads this blog? Well what if I put pictures up, that would require a digital camera or a scanner, I really don't want to bum pictures off of other sites. I'll just have to think what might make this interesting.

The housing situation is never easy unless the spending of gross amounts money isn't bad by staying in the dorms. That will burn a hole in anyone's pocket. My potential roommates were not impressed with what I found other than the cleanliness factor because the person who I had talked to previously about those accommodations was only the broker in case we wanted to buy, but as the manager of the complex put so bluntly, "He knows nothing, all his numbers are wrong.&…

Brighter and Darker

It's great when things go my way. I found new roommates for next fall which means that half the battle is done. Now the other half is also close to being won also, I just have to jump. Some people know what I mean by jumping and probably have done it themselves. I don't like jumping because someone said to but all those oppurtunities mentioned in the previous post are because I jumped. I hope that these will all work out though.

I am getting so tired of school that it seems all I can do just to focus in class much less on the homework. If this sounds like I'm complaining, I would say that I'm not, but I am and repeating myself. I learned to curb my complaining when I was fourteen on a backpacking trip, I had much too much gear with me and the entire trip was a hundred miles long although it was spread over ten days. Since then I have learned how to pack and seven years later I still don't complain half as much as I did before. Although this homework and school s…


I've gone from almost no plans to plans coming out my ears. First I'm going to Japan for eighteen days, then an internship, then back to UW to start and finish a grant and hopefully I will go to Germany for a year of study abroad and another internship. Need to brush up on my Deutsch so that people can at least understand me and then hopefully I will be much more fluent when I start the internship. I know I can visit Kendo dojo in Japan, I already found one that sounds interesting. But Germany might be a different situation, let me go look... Yep, lots. In fact for being only a little larger than Wyoming there are 49 that I could count from a site in Germany. That's 47 more than are in Wyoming. I should be able to find a few within traveling distance, that's good.

I hope that I survive all of this that I have planned for myself, it should all be fun but there are a couple things not going my way for the Japan trip but I will only mention it if it does become a problem.


The Second

Time seems to slip by, but everything moves so slowly at the same time. Waiting for someone takes forever when it is only five minutes and yet walking the fifteen minutes to and from class I barely have time to think and find myself going up the stairs of the engineering building. Engineering classes can extend so long as to seem infinite. This happens especially when I start falling asleep after getting up too early to practice Kendo. A second in dream land and then I am back listening to the professor and attempting to take notes that might make sense when I am hurriedly looking for equations to write down for tests. If anyone knows an easy way to memorize relationships of equations dealing with Fourier Transforms or Electronics please tell me.

I am in favor of digital. Designing digital systems is so fun compared to analog. Oh those wonderful logic gates that give so many people troubles are not so fun as to love them but they are spectacularly easier than analysis of analog circui…
Well if I join the millions of blogs out there it's because of a great need. Yes, a need that is even bigger than needing to express myself, namely homework or as I am doing now avoiding it. This is not an assignment by anybody but it seems to me to be a good waste of time and so maybe I will continue with more posts after this.

My motivation for homework should be a lot more but is the end of spring break here in Laramie and that means the continuation of calsses which means the homework that I didn't do is due, soon. I am even now getting tired of this subject and wish that anything would spring to mind other than the impending doom of homework.